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Year One with My J-Pouch: Part Two

In the days leading up to my takedown, I had so much support and encouragement from my family and friends. Many of them let me know that I was in their prayers. It was great to have that. I am blessed and thankful because I know that many of those suffering from chronic illnesses do not get the support they need.
Photo of my belly still sporting an ostomy and the large scar from
three abscesses in my incision.

I worked the day before surgery and was fasting all day. I could only have clear liquids. I kept thinking I was smelling my favorite foods, such as fried okra, potatoes, and chili. I also kept craving hamburgers... which is odd since they're not on my favorite foods list.

The day of surgery I had to give myself a saline enema (will these ever stop!?), so I did and then we drove out just like we did for the first surgery to the hospital. I was nervous, but not quite as nervous as I was during the first surgery.

During this surgery, my surgeon was to remove my stoma and take out the huge scar left from the abscesses that developed in my incision. My ostomy nurse, Jacque, came to visit me. She's so awesome. She said goodbye to Peeves, the stoma and wished me well. The last thing I remember is getting halfway onto the operation table.

I woke up shortly after and I don't remember how long it was until I got a room, but I think it was a much shorter wait.
My belly after surgery number two.

I was way more nauseated, I do remember that. I kept hiccuping and vomiting... something I don't quite remember happening after my first surgery. I was in the hospital for about a week. I was thrilled when I had my first bowel movement. It was really weird after not using my bottom for three months... other than to let mucus (and a tiny bit of blood) out.

I was also quite shocked about how "loud" it was now. It also ... if I can be so bold ... smells terrible. Which is why I absolutely adore Poo~Pourri! That stuff is a miracle and I recommend you get some!

I did not have any accidents while in the hospital, so I was quite surprised when I had my first one. The gurgling in my abdomen was monstrous. Not only was it uncomfortable to the point of pain, but it was extremely loud. So loud that people would make comments to Dave about it. I knew it was gas that had accumulated, so I did the only logical thing... I attempted to pass it.
Sleeping after surgery number two.

I knew instantly that I had made a mistake. Yep. I made a mess. Frustrated and embarrassed, I cleaned myself up and decided to sit on the toilet next time.

Then there were several nights that I started having accidents in my sleep. To remedy this, I started wearing adult diapers at night. I was discouraged and frustrated. This continued for several months.

Two weeks after my takedown, I had my first checkup with my doctor. I explained that I was going 5-8 times a day. He told me that he wanted me to start taking Imodium. One before breakfast, one before lunch, one before dinner and one before bedtime. He also recommending kegel exercised throughout the day to strengthen the anal sphincters and help me hold it better at night.

While the nighttime accidents didn't immediately get remedied, my bathroom visits dwindled down to 1-3 times a day.

On August 16th, 2015, I went out with a small group of people to celebrate my 30th birthday. There were times I didn't think I'd make it to that day, but I did. I love my j-pouch and am so glad that I have slowly gotten to a place where I am healthier.

Next week's post, I will be sharing with you the results of my j-pouch poll. If you have a j-pouch, and have not yet participated in the poll, please feel free to do so at the link HERE. I will also share in that post my tips and tricks for living with a j-pouch and how I'm doing today.

If you are a new or soon-to-be j-poucher, I am listing some links to some products that you may want to invest in. These are some items that really helped my transition to living with a j-pouch easier. Some of these products are some that I still use. Until next time, please feel free to ask me anything you'd like about j-pouches. Love you guys!


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