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Poo~Pourri - A review that doesn't stink.

Public toilets. I try to avoid them whenever possible. For several obvious reasons. As an Ulcerative Colitis sufferer, I have, unfortunately been unwillingly compelled to use them more often than I'd like. Whether you have an Inflammatory Bowel Disease or not, you've been there... That awkward moment when you've just satisfied your penetralia via the lavatory... and the aroma is... well, less than charming. Since my bowel surgery, this situation seems to be magnified. Not a situation in which I like finding myself. Especially being a ninja and all.

I have tried various products/techniques in an attempt to conceal the evidence of my bodily functions... including lighting matches (yes, that is a thing!).

Upon being disappointed by all of these products/home remedies (though surprisingly, the matches work relatively well), I decided to try Poo~Pourri. I'd seen the advertisements on YouTube. Despite being embarrassed and slightly offended by these annoyingly "funny" commercials, I was curious.

I picked up the tiny two-ounce bottle, and turned it over in my hand as I made my way to the loo. I smirked as I read the little tag line beneath the logo and a little angel perched atop the porcelain throne blowing what appears to be a trumpet (how fitting!).

I then read the back of the label.

There once was a lad from Rhone
whose odor he'd rather disown
now he's taming his poo
by anointing the loo
and now happily sits on his throne!

Oh brother! Yes, it was more cheese for my "entertainment"... I read on...

This Before-You-Go blend of Vanilla, Mint and Natural Citrus Essential Oils creates a barrier to embarrassing bathroom odor.
To Anoint: Shake well. (I did.) Spritz directly onto the water's surface until covered (3-5 sprays). (One, two, three, four and five! The powerful, yet pleasant Citrus Mint filled my nostrils.) Proceed to use throne as usual. (Here goes nothin'!)

After I completed my mission. I was completely amazed by this fabulous concoction. Aside from the strong, yet pleasant aroma of citrus that still filled the air, there was no indication of what I'd just done. 

I ran out of the powder room to fetch the the Crohn's Ninja. He came in slightly confused and looked around. Sniffing the air about him. It was different. In a good way.

"What is that delightful scent?" He inquired.
"What do you smell?" I asked.
"Anything else???"
"No. It smells great!"
I held up the tiny bottle filled with the creamy colored mixture. He squinted and read the label. Laughing, he then said, "That's fantastic!!! That's incredible!"

In my smugness, I marched back to my computer and began writing this review, but not before leaving the room and coming back again. The smell was still nowhere to be found. Even the lovely Poo~Pourri scent had vanished... and it had been less than five minutes. With (or without) any other product, the smell would have lingered in a disgusting mix of waste and insert-random-blend-of-pleasant-odors-here. But, it was as if I'd never been in there at all!

So, bottom line is, I love this product. I look forward to using it from here on out!!! It is just another tool in my arsenal to help me in my ninja-like quests! If you'd like to try your own bottle of Poo~Pourri, visit the link below and get it from!

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