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Bad things really do come in fleas... I mean THREES.

Hi guys, I'm writing this post to tell you what's going on. Thankfully it has nothing to do with my health. Right now things are looking really bad.

It all started several months ago when a critter of some kind decided to make its home underneath the bathtub in our house. We called pest control and no one ever came. So there it remained for several weeks. Then we started noticing fleas. They started coming in through tiny cracks around our bathtub. And we're talking hundreds of them at a time. We bombed the house several times, had it professionally treated twice and have been treating that bathroom more than any other room in the house and it's the only room with problems. We've been going in there every day spraying and vacuuming praying that this time it will work. So far, we've only managed to make their numbers dwindle.

For several weeks now, our company has been doing massive layoffs. We survived several tiers of firings but last Thursday we got word that the client is pulling out of the project on October 30th. In other words, we will be jobless on the 31st. We have a few irons in the fire, but nothing definite.

Tonight as we went into the bathroom during our daily reign of terror on the flea invasion, we discovered a roof leak. Just what we needed. Tonight we ran out to Home Depot to get a tarp and a staple gun. With any luck it will prevent further water damage.

They say things always come in threes and right now, we are on number three. Here is hoping this will be the last of our troubles for a while. A few good things that have happened over the last few days are that we found a renter for our other home we've been trying to sell. This will take care of that mortgage note. A few other good things have happened with Colitis Ninja, but I'm not at liberty to divulge these yet.

If you don't hear much from me, I apologize. I've got a lot of things hitting me at once. I am feeling really depressed and frustrated with life right now. I will be checking my social media and email when I am able and will be sure to mail out wristbands or Restroom Access cards as the orders come in, but I may be a bit preoccupied. At least this week. Beginning the 31st, you will probably hear from me more often. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers during this time. Things are difficult right now. Thanks!