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Restroom Access Cards

Back when I was first diagnosed, I came across There I found a FREE Restroom Access Card. I was elated to have another tool in my IBD belt to help me when I was in need. I loved that it was professional looking. I loved that it was good quality. I also loved that I didn't have to pay for it... though I was willing to pay for it (within reason).

Since then, I have been sad to learn that the cards are no longer offered by I began searching for other places to get them. Some companies will offer you ones for free, but I'm not happy with the quality. Other places will give you a Restroom Access card... but you have to fork over $$ (Who with a chronic illness has that much to spare?). There are other places to get these cards, and I don't mean them any disrespect, but they look like a meme.

This is when I decided to take matters into my own hands. Maybe I could create something that people could get for free? In my research, I've discovered that these cards don't come without a price. Which is probably why they aren't offered for free by most companies/organizations. I decided to create the Restroom Access Cards.

When creating the cards, I wanted to keep three main things in mind...

1) Professionalism - These cards, like our medical conditions, need to be taken seriously. Something that is lacking in some of the cards is the poor design. For others it was, as I stated above, meme-like. If our diseases are to be taken seriously by the general public, I needed to create something that looked serious and professional while conveying the urgency (hence the red, the word "urgent" and the medical alert symbol).

2) Quality - Our credit cards and driver's licenses are used a lot. If they were made of paper, we would be having to replace them too often. Thankfully, they hold up pretty well. They are made with quality to ensure the everyday use holds up -- even in the laundry! I wanted to make sure that patients had a reliable Restroom Access Card, too. Something that can be used over and over without fear of damage.

3) Affordability - I wish that there was a way right now for me to offer these cards up free. Believe me when I say if I could, I would give them away. Sadly, printing and shipping cost money and for that reason I must distribute them via selling them. I wanted to make sure that people could afford them. As of right now, the cards are being sold for $3.50. One day I hope to lower the price or offer them for free! But until then, you can own one for the price of a snack!

No, they aren't free, but I can assure you that the money made from the sales of these cards go to a good cause! If you purchase yours from Colitis Ninja™ all funds go toward printing, shipping and website maintenance for the Restroom Act Project. Any extra funds obtained go to IBD awareness AND care packages for children with IBD. As I said, I do wish I could give them away for free, but I still have bills to pay, student loan debt, a household to run and a family to care for. I hope that this post helps explain things a little better and that you understand why I'm doing this.

If you are interested in purchasing a card, email me or visit the Restroom Access Website.

NOTE: As of right now, I am only offering these cards to US residents. If this project goes well, I will be expanding to Canada and overseas. Wish me luck!

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