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Calmoseptine: Heaven in a Tube!

I talk about Calmoseptine a lot. I post photos of it all the time. Calmoseptine has been my constant companion since I had my j-pouch surgery. Whenever Butt Burn starts to rear it's ugly little head, I immediately reach for the Calmoseptine. The stuff is amazing.

So, what exactly is Calmoseptine? Calmoseptine is a multipurpose moisture barrier ointment. It helps to heal skin irritations and protects your skin from incontinence, feeding tube leakage, minor burns, scrapes, fistulas, wound drainage, diaper rash, etc. It also temporarily relieves discomfort and itching.

What's in Calmoseptine that makes it amazing? Menthol - this is an organic compound made from corn mint, peppermint or other mint oils. It is a waxy crystalline substance and is clear or white in color. Zinc Oxide - this is an inorganic compound. It is a white powder that is insoluble in water. It is used as an additive in various materials including paint, lubricants, ointments, food, etc. Although it occurs naturally, it is usually synthetic. Calmoseptine also contains calamine, chlorothymol, glycerin, lanolin, phenol, sodium bicarbonate and thymol.

How do you use Calmoseptine?
1) Clean the area. Pat dry.
2) Apply a thin layer to the irritated area 2-4 times a day or after each BM.

Where do I acquire this amazing stuff???
Several places. You can get it in the pharmacy in the incontinence section (where the adult diapers are kept). I usually buy mine from (click here). Would you rather try before you buy? I send Calmoseptine samples FREE with a wristband purchase (email me for info).


The only annoying thing about Calmoseptine that I really don't like is that after using it it's hard to get off your fingers. Other than that, the stuff is amazing. It gives my bottom so much relief that I couldn't imagine life without it. I take it everywhere I go.

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