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You did it! You've crossed the #HAWMC finish line. 
Recap the past month for us. What did you enjoy, 
what didn't you enjoy? Favorite prompt?

Wow. Can't believe I survived it. It's kept true to it's name. It was definitely a challenge to write all those posts. It was difficult at times, but I pressed on. I made a commitment. And I finished. That's what is important.

I really enjoyed having something to challenge my creative juices. Not just with writing, but also with my little ninja sketches. Those were definitely fun.

I did not enjoy talking about myself so much. I think there were way too many prompts about me. The goal of my blog is not to talk about me, but to help others in their struggle with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.

If I could pick my favorite prompt... A few come to mind...

Day 23, when I told you about my husband's book. This man is awesome.
Read it here.

Day 20, when I told you about my IBD emergency kit. I loved putting the graphic together.
Read it here.

Finally, Day 27, entitled "Bye, bye, bye..." Firstly, I was an *NSYNC fan, so I thought that was awesome... but also, I wrote about some rude nurses I encountered. Not only was this my favorite prompt, I think most everyone else loved it, too! It got over 400 views!
Read it here.

Thank you to everyone who was patient with me as I blew up their newsfeed with all my crazy blog posts. Will I do this again next year? Probably not. Your support means a lot to me and I hope that you have gotten something out of it. Thanks again and keep fighting!

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