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#HAWMC: Day 16, Life Goal

CHALLENGE: Life Goal. What's one thing that your 10-year-old self thought you would do? Can you still do it? How would you approach it to make it happen? #HAWMC

A little girl clutched a sheet of paper in her tiny fist as she raised it in the air. She wore a cape and cowl that was dirty and worn. Clearly it had seen plenty of use.

"The Joker and Catwoman have escaped again!" She shouted. The injustice of the situation was unbearable.

"To the Batmobile!" Shrieked a second girl with golden curls. She was also wearing a cape and mask.
The pair ran off to a set of chairs nearby. The older girl pretended to drive the makeshift vehicle to a different location and soon the two girls were in a make-believe battle with invisible foes.

Time has passed since those two little girls ran around in their capes and masks. Time has changed them. They grew apart and life is no longer care-free. As young girl, I looked forward to the day I would be a "big girl" and be treated as an adult. I would have my own house with my own cats and a job... whatever that would be.

Though I may no longer physically wear a mask and fight crime, life has thrown me some brutal and challenging foes I never dreamed I'd have to battle. Ulcerative Colitis robbed me of so many things... I see daily where Inflammatory Bowel Diseases are taking over the lives of my friends. I really hate these diseases. It isn't fair... but then again, when you get older you start realizing just how unfair life really is.

I no longer wear a mask (most days), but I am fighting a daily battle... a battle against an invisible foe that refuses to relent.

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