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If you don't hear from me...

Hello friends! I wanted to let ya'll know that if you don't hear from me lately, it is because I have a lot of things going on. It is hard to explain everything in just one Twitter or Facebook post, so I thought it'd be best to do a quick blog post. 

For the past 3-4 months, my husband have been in the process of buying a house (pictured above-more pictures to come!!!). I don't have time to go into details, but it is being renovated before we move in and we are expected to be closing in about a week. 

If you do not hear from me within the next several weeks, it is not because I don't care or have forgotten about you. It is because we are moving, on top of preparing an art show for my husband AND we are also busy with our day jobs.

While I'm pleased and I'm glad all these things are happening, I may not be on social media as much as I'd like to be. I will be checking in when I can. And you can always email me here. It is really killing me that I cannot connect with all of you as much as I want. I have really grown to love each of you as family members. I will be praying for ya'll and I hope to get "back on track" soon. But as I said, if you do not hear much from me, this is why.

ALSO, if you are the praying kind, please say a few prayers for my health. The aftermath of Prednisone is really getting to me and causing a few problems that involve a rash on my bottom (THANKS UC!). Anyway... I hope this post finds you well.

Take care, friends! I'll talk with you when I am able!

UPDATE 11/10/2014:
Friday, we were told that our tentative closing date is on or before the 21st of November. My husband and I plan on officially moving that weekend and taking a few days off to settle in. Here are some photos to show you what it looked like when the house was completely gutted so that I can make a comparison once it's finished. Please remember if I don't respond or if you don't hear from me, I'm ok. It's just going to be very busy these next few days. I will update you and talk with you more when I'm able!!!


Master Bedroom

Living Room

UPDATE 11/16/2014:
We are closing on our house next week. The next 5 days will be filled with packing, moving, working (yikes!) and closing on our new home. I do apologize if I am a little absent, but I will be back in full swing the following week (after the 21st). Please be patient during this time and know that I have not forgotten any of you. I will have stories and photos to come but until then, please enjoy old blog posts... take care!!!

UPDATE 11/20/2014:
Ya'll, moving is STRESSFUL. Especially on top of working full time. I hate not being able to be as involved in IBD awareness as usual, but I'm loving the idea of being in a new house. I've been tossing, giving away and selling things we don't need or can't use anymore. Dealing with the mortgage broker, the seller (who has been awesome, BTW), our real-estate agent (also awesome), and on top of that making sure everything else is in order!!! Thankfully I'm having a slight reprieve in my health... can't imagine doing this while flaring. I have new and exciting things in store for you in the weeks and months to come... some giveaways and some "renovations" to this blog... Might even have a video tour of my new home (because I'm excited, that's why!). Also a few things I'm going to keep under my hat for now. Be on the lookout for a new guest blog post (my first one!) this weekend!!!

UPDATE 11/25/2014:
It has been a rough past few days. Oh my word! Moving is not only stressful, but painful. I think every area on my body aches. I have bruises and scratches all over. The bottoms of my feet and my fingertips ache... but we're finally getting things worked out. We aren't 100% moved from our old house yet, but we are getting there and are still in the process of organizing everything. Our pets are stressed to the max, too. This is upsetting. We knew the cat would freak out, but we thought the ferret would be ok because she's so curious and loves new things... apparently this is overload. As far as my health goes, I haven't noticed a big difference in bowel habits (yay!) but I definitely don't have the strength in my arms that I used to nor am I as flexible as I was before surgery. :( Oh well!! Anyway... I will be posting when I'm able. I have a lot of exciting things in store for you in the months and weeks to come. Please check back often and know that I'm still thinking about all of you!!!