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The Big Blowout

A few days ago I had my first public ostomy leak. I had just changed my appliance the day before (and I was extra careful in making sure it was secure). Apparently Peeves (the stoma) isn't too keen on sharing his living space with Filch (abscess number one). It was just after lunch. I was very excited and impressed with the thick output Peeves was producing. After a moment or two of admiring the output, I realized that Peeves had managed to spit his output at Filch.

The gauze was saturated with Peeves vomit!!! I ran to the public restroom (thankful I didn't meet anyone along the way) and locked myself inside. I went through my ostomy kit--unfortunately I was not quite as prepared as I should have been (a post for another time). Not only was I ill-prepared for a leak, I was completely unprepared for having to change the dressings for my abscess wound!!!

This was the moment! I was about to see my abscess wound for the very first time (my awesome husband dresses my wound for me!). I took the gauze out. It was way more disturbing than I had ever imagined. I thought I might die of shock. Seriously, this thing is 4 inches long, 2 inches wide and 2 inches deep! I called my husband and told him I needed some dressings for my wound. As I applied a new ostomy appliance, he very sweetly stopped what he was doing and made a mad dash to the pharmacy. He was back within minutes with the supplies.

As I lay on the dirty public restroom floor (I mean... what other choice did we have?!), he dressed my wound. The moral of the story? You never know when life is going to throw you a curve ball (i.e. When your stoma is going to decide to spit-up in your open wound.). Expect the unexpected and prepare for the worst!

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