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Four More Days

Forgive this juvenile drawing... I am not at home and my resources are minimal.

I am currently out of town. My sister got married tonight and it has been a pleasant distraction for me. Directly after the wedding, I found myself facing reality as my friends and family members came up to me wishing me well and telling me that I was in their prayers and on several different prayer lists. I am loved.

I am in some discomfort/pain. The Prednisone really isn't doing as well as it usually does. Because of this, I am confident that this is the right course of action as my husband and I have been praying for confirmation.

Tomorrow morning, after stopping off at my former sensei's annual karate tournament, Dave and I will drive home and begin to let the surgery sink in. I am afraid and am quite sure I will be shedding many tears over the situation. If you have not seen my previous post, please consider checking it out:

I'd like to get a campaign going next week to raise awareness for IBD. Please consider joining my efforts while I am recovering in the hospital. Share my story, share these photos: 

Between the dates of April 15-22nd, share these on social media in honor of someone you know/love who battles with an IBD. Thank you for your consideration and God Bless!

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